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Rachel Griffiths

Rachel GriffithsChair

Having been passionate about animals and their welfare since childhood, becoming a Trustee seemed a good way of helping to make a difference to lives of animals in our local area, as well as the people who care for them.  It is of course a role with considerable responsibility and there have been many challenges and much to learn. 

Whilst I hope my role has helped the Charity, the animals and the staff, the rewards for me have been really positive too.  I have learnt so much about the welfare of our animal companions, and have challenged myself to take on tasks I would not have thought I could do.

The result of my time as a Trustee is immensely rewarding, sometimes a real challenge, often very enjoyable and best of all making decisions that benefit our animal friends.

Becky Shields

Becky Shields

My vision for the charity is to ensure that we are financially viable to be able to deliver a top class service to both the animals we care for and the local community.

To do this we need to be creative and innovative about the way in which we focus our work and adopt new initiatives, be dynamic and flexible to ensure we take the best approach for each individual animal to ensure a successful outcome, whilst looking at funding streams and business efficiencies to guarantee that the charity can invest in its future.

Alison Winterburn

Alison Winterburn

Having worked hands on with animals most of my life being a trustee gives me a chance to see things from a different perspective and to see first hand the excellent work and dedication from staff admin and volunteers.

The charity has undergone a lot of changes since I joined and my hope is to see it moving forward in the same positive way providing help and assistance to animals and their owners in the local community.

David Jordan

David Jordan

My keen interest in animal welfare has seen me involved with many animal charities over the years in various capacities. I also bring a professional background which gives me an insight into the needs of the organisation to ensure it can deliver its services for the animals in our community.

As a trustee working to support the charity I would like to see Oak Tree inspire members of our community, to raise awareness of the needs of animals and to support the important work that the charity does for those animals that need its help.


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