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Max the filmstar!8th October 2021

We were asked today by ITV Border to make a comment about the issues arising from pets bought during lockdown and how owners can avoid puppy farms. Max, who came to us in 2020 having been bought via Facebook and described as a "bit of a handful" was ...

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Max the filmstar!

Speaking up for animals!23rd September 2021

Recently, we have lent our support to the #FlopDontCrop campaign to raise awareness of the dangers and cruel practices around ear-cropping in dogs. In one of our recent “Petpods” (our monthly podcast) we had the chance to talk with Vet ...

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Speaking up for animals!

A Stray Hedgehog4th June 2021

The Community Team was completing a TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) on the Raffles estate, using welfare friendly automatic traps. Traps which are designed to catch cats safely without injury, using cat food as a bait. The traps are checked ...

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A Stray Hedgehog

Allotment Angst1st June 2021

Finding your much-loved pet caught in a spring rat-trap is every owners nightmare. However one owner found this her reality as her cat, who had been exploring a neighbouring allotment, caught his paw in a rat spring trap (above) and was unable to ...

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Allotment Angst

Donkey Awareness Week!31st May 2021

A week of donkey maddness from 12th - 18th May 2021!

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Donkey Awareness Week!

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