Veterinary Nurse Supervisor

After completion of my BSc Animal Science I spent the next decade working with animal charities in Asia and Africa.  Returning to the UK I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2004 and have since undertaken further studies in behaviour, feline and shelter medicine, whilst working in a variety of veterinary practices.  

I started work with the charity in April 2016 and aided in the development of the ‘less is more system’ of shelter management along with the caseworker system.  So, although there are fewer animals on site at any one time, there has been a significant rise in successful rehoming, and each of my team have their own animals they work with and are responsible for developing training, health and welfare programmes for them.

To see both the animals on-site and the individuals within my team developing their skills and potential is a rewarding and positive part of my role at the charity and an integral part of the charity’s ethos to employ the best and most current shelter management, rehoming and education programmes it can.


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