Business Coordinator

Having relocated back to Cumbria in 2018 I discovered Oak Tree Animals’ Charity online fairly soon and was impressed by the website and the amazing things the charity do for animals and the community!  I’ve always had dogs and now have Jasper, our cat Max and 6 hens, 4 ex battery hens and 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes, who all give us smashing eggs.  When I spotted a vacancy here I immediately applied.  I was lucky enough to be offered a post and joined the team on the 2nd January this Year. 

I love the variation of my job, one day I can be on the counter in our fabulous charity shop in Carlisle, the next training staff in the shop in Keswick, both of which I usually find a bargain to bring home, and then I can be helping in the Tea Room, the scones are to die for, or sorting out the many amazing donations that we receive to send to our shops.  I will never be bored in this role that’s for sure.

Jasper and I love our lunchtime walk to see the ponies and the goats and feel blessed to work in this beautiful location with some amazing people.


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