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Frank Tebbutt

Frank TebbuttPresident

We are delighted that Frank Tebbutt agreed to become our first Honorary President in 2016.

Frank Tebbutt first became involved with our Charity in 1953 when he was asked by Alfred Brisco to volunteer for the Charity.

After ten years as a committed volunteer, Frank was asked to join the staff team as General Secretary, taking responsibility for the small animal section and developing the charity's veterinary service. Frank worked alongside Alfred Brisco for eight years, both being strong and active advocates of animal welfare.

Following Alfred Brisco's death, Frank was appointed by the Board to succeed him and carry on his work as Organising Secretary. Frank worked tirelessly to support animal welfare and raise much needed funds. In November 1979, Frank went with five members of the Executive Committee to view Oak Tree Farm and they decided that this would be the home of our charity which was by now too big to be comfortably situated in Carlisle city centre.

Frank's extensive network of contacts proved invaluable to raise funds and develop the site to make it suitable for the animals in the care of the charity. Frank's faith kept him going and he and his team established Oak Tree farm. He continued to make a difference to hundreds of animals' lives right up until his retirement in 2002.

Frank remains a keen advocate for our Charity. Speaking in 2017, he said "I hope that the charity continues to be as successful as it was in the 40 years I spent as General Secretary. I lend my support to the charity and believe that the changes that have been made over the past year have allowed it to build on my work and the work of Alfred Brisco to improve the lives of animals."

Baroness Fookes of Plymouth, DBE, DL

Baroness Fookes of Plymouth, DBE, DLPatron

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