Case Studies

A young person and their dog 

A young person had moved to a new area after their mother had passed away. All they had was their dog and car. Due to having no friends or family in the area to care for the dog, the person could not secure lodgings in a local hostel. The young person lived in their car for a number of weeks with their dog until they visited a housing department who then referred them to our ‘A Helping Paw’ scheme.

Within days, we had found a lovely foster home for the dog and the young person was given temporary housing. After 34 days on our “A Helping Paw” scheme, the young person was reunited with their father and beloved dog. They have since secured a home and can now look to the future together.

Domestic Abuse

Not long after the launch of our “A Helping Paw” scheme, we were contact by a referral agency who had a client with two cats who had suffered ongoing abuse from their partner. After many incidents, the partner was arrested and imprisoned. Sadly, this was not the end of the suffering. The victim then had to be moved to a safe house due to the perpetrator’s family and friends targeting the victim’s home. Graffiti was painted on the house and bricks thrown through the windows.  As is often the case, pets are not permitted in hostels or many privately rented properties so the owner felt they could not escape without leaving their cats behind.

We had to act quickly. Thankfully, we had a foster carer on hand. Our team collected the cats and the owner moved to a safe house until appropriate accommodation was found outside of the area. Appropriate housing was soon found for the owner and, after 12 days of foster care, the cats were able to be reunited with them in a safe and secure environment.

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