Friends of Oak Tree

Calling all Oak Tree Animal Friends!

‘Friends of Oak Tree’ is a fun way for you to learn about pets and the wildlife around us while working towards an award. You can take part from home or through school just by clicking the link below. The award is suitable for children age 5-12 years.

There are 5 levels to complete which get you thinking about how animals help us, why they might need rehoming, how we can help our local wildlife and how to create fun toys for your own pets. Anyone completing all 5 levels will receive an ‘Oak Tree Animal Friend’ award and be added to a priority list to receive pre-notification of Oak Tree kids’ events.

All this for only £5. You will need a printer, but don't worry if you don't have one, just add an extra £2 delivery and tell us your postal address. If you are under 18, please seek permission from the bill payer before signing up.

If you are a teacher, this makes a great project on animal welfare, as well as linking to curriculum subjects literacy, English, maths, PSHE and science.


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