Go Nuts

Many individuals in our local area would love nothing more than to promote responsible pet ownership by having their pet neutered but can not afford the veterinary costs.

The "Go Nuts" Fund is aimed at those from low-income households who are recipients of benefits and/or may have been referred from an external agency such as a food bank or local authority.

For many individuals, their pet is their lifeline and when they fall on hard times, their pet may be their only confidante.

Since January 2016 our Community Team has developed working relationships with organisations within the local area such as housing associations, social care providers and food banks in a bid to support our local community.

Often, those who are struggling financially may find that breeding from their pet could be a good source of income. What they may not have anticipated is the costly vet bills that may come with this responsibility, especially should problems occur during the pregnancy or labour.

We developed our “Go Nuts” Fund in a bid to reduce the number of unwanted animals coming into rehoming centres such as Oak Tree. 

Should problems occur, a much-beloved pet may find themselves searching for a new home as their owner is unable to cover these costs. By having their pet neutered, they are able to prevent such events from happening.

Can you give £2.00 today to help support the neutering of pets in your local area?

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Go Nuts

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