Take A Lead

Take A Lead with Oak Tree Animals’ Charity

Surveys have found that over 15 million tourists visit The Lake District National Park each year and according to English Nature 50% of visitors to the countryside own a dog.

Whilst we and our canine companions love to enjoy the countryside and its surroundings, we as responsible pet owners need to do our part and “Take A Lead” when around livestock with our pooches.

Remember the poem:

“Put your dog on a lead when livestock is near.
A chase from your dog can cause trauma and fear.”

The National Farmers Union (NFU) says that dog attacks on livestock cost the farming sector £1.3m a year!

Studies have also found that around 15,000 sheep are killed which are linked with dog attacks.

The fatality of livestock is not only caused by a physical attack but also “sheep worrying”. The trauma of an untrained dog chasing a sheep can cause devastating results, including the abortion of lambs during lambing season.

Please join our campaign to encourage pet owners to “Take A Lead” when near livestock.

Take A Lead

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