Equine Summer Safety

Protecting your horse this summer...

In the summer months it is important we protect our horses from the heat, as this can cause dehydration and heat exhaustion.

We can do this by providing:

  • A shelter either natural or a field shelter.
  • Constant access to clean water throughout the day, as water aids in digestion. Horses who do not drink enough water are at an increased risk of colic.
  • Salt licks so the horse can replenish essential nutrients that might have been lost through sweating.
  • Equine sun cream which can be applied to any exposed light-coloured skin such as pink noses to prevent sun burn.

As well as protecting horses from the sun, we should also protect them from flies. Some horses can have an allergic reaction to midge bites which is commonly known as 'sweet itch'.

How to prevent irritation caused by flies:

  • Fly rugs and masks so the flies cannot bite the skin. 
  • Equine fly repellent (either cream or spray) deters the flies from coming near the horse.
  • Removing droppings regularly and keeping the muck heap away from the horse if possible.
  • Shelter or stabling during the day and turning out overnight avoids the worst of the flies.

Equine Summer Safety

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