Micro Chipping

Should your pet go missing - microchipping allows you and your pet to be reunited if your details are up-to-date on the microchip database. It is a good idea to supply several contact numbers to the database. If you are out looking for your pet, the company will not be able to contact you to say your dog has been found if you have only given incomplete details! You will often also be supplied with a tag which should be fitted to your dog’s collar saying that your dog is chipped. Not only does this let people know they are chipped, it can also act as a theft deterrent.

Animal Charities receive numerous calls from distressed owners trying to find their pet but have not microchipped it or details are not kept up-to-date. It is heart-breaking to know that animals may not successfully be reunited with their owners as they have not been microchipped.

Ollie, a border collie with a firework phobia, ran away while on a walk in the forest when a firework unexpectedly went off on a February evening. His owners frantically searched the forest throughout the night and had almost given up hope of finding him when their mobile telephone rang to say that he had been picked up, scanned and taken by the local dog warden. They were quickly reunited.

Jasmine the cat, curled up in the back of a car when the door was left ajar and was fast asleep when the owner drove off. She was discovered 61 miles away when the surprised driver opened his boot to find a wide awake cat. The driver took her to a local animal charity where she was scanned and the microchip details obtained, she was reunited with her worried owner who was astonished that she had been found so far away from home.

For further information about microchipping please contact your vet or call us on 01228 560082

Micro Chipping

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