Timely Neutering

With 4 young mothers and litters currently at Oak Tree, We would like to reinforce the national message to pet owners, asking them to neuter their pets in a timely manner.

The Cat Group, a collection of professional organisations dedicated to feline welfare and who represent major animal welfare charities in the UK, recommend that cats are neutered as early as practical and definitely before their first season which usually occurs around 6 months but can be as early as 4 months.

Timely neutering, as recommended by The Cat Group and British Veterinary Association amongst many others, can prevent unwanted pregnancies and kittens and allows the kitten to recover more quickly after neutering. Older cats can take days to recover from the operation, but kittens can be up and about after only an hour.
Much research has been carried out into timely neutering, both in the UK and USA with no long-term medical or behavioural affects being found to be caused by the procedure. We would recommend that owners speak to their vet about neutering soon after the kitten’s vaccinations are complete.

For more information about timely neutering please visit The Cat Group’s website www.thecatgroup.org.uk/policy_statements/neut.html or Cats Protection Kitten Neutering Database (KiND) at www.kind.cats.org.uk 


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Timely Neutering

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