Help with Vet Costs (Benefits or Low Income)

RSPCA Clinic

01228 512893 (Please phone first for information)

Open Monday, Wed, Fri, 1-2pm only.  You need to be on certain benefits to qualify.

PDSA Pet Aid / 0800 731 2502: This is provided by PDSA via 2 local vet practices.

IMPORTANT: you must pre-register in advance (like insurance); please do so now before your animal gets ill.

Only 1 pet can be registered and you must be receiving:

  • Housing Benefit (means-tested help with your rent), and/or
  • Council Tax Support/Reduction Scheme (means-tested help with your Council Tax liability) and/or
  • Universal Credit with a housing element

Blue Cross / 0300 777 1897

Veterinary grant scheme for certain conditions (please contact them to find out more details about which animals, which illnesses and how much it covers).

Please note this scheme is entirely separate from the local Cumbria Blue Cross cat rehoming team – the very hardworking Cumbria volunteer team will not be able to advise you on the veterinary service.

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