A fun, healthy and safe way to support animals in need!


Sponsor our lovely Valentine Team! 

Every penny raised goes towards providing love and care to animals in need!

Sponsor the Team

On Sunday 14th February the Oak Tree Valentine Team are going on a #BubbleWoofWalk to help raise funds for the animals in our care. Each team member will walk a mile with his or her 4-legged Valentine(s). They either walk the Mindfulness Mile on the Oak Tree site, or - when working from home - a Valentine Mile from their abode.

Follow their preparations, pledges and actual walk on our  ...

If you would like to go on your own Valentine Walk for Oak Tree - and earn a lovely special reward for completing it on 14th February! - sign up and register for a goodie pack (see below) before Wednesday 10th February. You pay £15 for your entire Bubble, which can include up to 6 people and any number of dogs. We will email you within 24 hours with further information. Please note that raising sponsorship with your Valentine Walk is optional!

  • Sign up for £15 per BUBBLE (maximum 6 people, minimum 1 dog) and receive your goodie pack!
  • Do your 5 miles #BubbleWoofWalk between NOW and 28th February, where and when you want
  • Optional: Raise sponsorship - via Sponsorship Form and/or an online JustGiving page - by walking a minimum of 5 miles for Oak Tree Animals' Charity, in one go or spread out over several days/walks
  • Every Bubble receives a goodie pack, with a #BubbleWoofWalk badge per person. Oak Tree partner Burns Pet Nutrition has generously donated a Hi Viz slap band, plus a bandana and a few nice treats for every dog!
  • Raise £100 and receive a cotton Oak Tree Tote Bag (one per sponsorship form/page)
  • Raise any amount over £500 and receive an Oak Tree Hoodie (one per sponsorship form/page)
  • Optional: Get creative and add a personal touch to your challenge! There will be a prize for the most original idea!
  • On a date to be confirmed the total amount raised will be announced in a FESTIVE event!

Every year, supporters of Oak Tree Animals' Charity come to our site in Wetheral to enjoy fundraising events such as our Seasonal Craft Fairs, Dog Shows, Fright Night and Sponsored Challenge Events. These are great opportunities to share information about the work we do on-site and in the community, and of course also to raise much-needed funds to enable the Charity to continue helping animals in need. 

This year, with the coronavirus restrictions, all those events had to be cancelled, which inevitably led to a big drop in our income from fundraising. With the animals in our care still relying on us, we have now organised an exciting Oak Tree-style sponsored dog walk, enabling all our loyal and new supporters to help us fundraise in a safe, fun and very dog-friendly way. We are very much looking forward to seeing and hearing from all of you on your #BubbleWoofWalk adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter?

You can enter by paying £15 via PayPal. You will receive a payment confirmation from PayPal. Within two working days, Oak Tree will get in touch to confirm your registration, to request details about your Bubble, and to provide you with further information about your sponsored #BubbleWoofWalk. At any time, whether you are registered or not, you can have a nose around on our Facebook #BubbleWoofWalk group. Once you've joined, you can invite your own friends and - if you decide to do the sponsored walk - your sponsors, of course!

As soon as we have your Bubble's details, we will send you your Goodie Pack, with badges, slap bands, bandanas and treats! 

How do I raise sponsorship money?

You can either collect money online or offline.

You can set up an online JustGiving page for the #BubbleWoofWalk by clicking here

If you prefer to get sponsorship offline, you can download the Sponsorship Form here. 

You can either collect sponsorship as one Bubble, or you can have more fundraisers per bubble, each with their own Sponsorship Form and/or Page - have a little competition within your own Bubble!

Rewards are earned per form/page.

  • £100 raised gets you a cotton Oak Tree Tote Bag.
  • £500 raised is rewarded with one Oak Tree Hoodie. 

You are completely free to add a personal touch to the challenge - and we are looking forward to seeing all your amazing photos and videos! Funny hats, bright umbrellas (helps with social distancing!), Father Christmas and his elves... Increase the fun and increase the chances of sponsorship! We do ask you to read through our Guidelines and Terms and Conditions, that include a request not to dress your pet up, unless the clothing is for their benefit, e.g. to keep them warm. 

How does it work with the Rewards, how do I earn a Tote Bag and/or Hoodie?

You can earn one Tote Bag or one Hoodie per Sponsorship Form or Sponsorship Page. This means you can choose to either

  1. Raise sponsorship money as one Bubble, so you collect sponsorships as one group, and you use one Sponsorship Form and/or one Sponsorship Page,
  2. Raise sponsorship money as individuals, couples, or small groups within your Bubble, each using their own Sponsorship Form and/or Sponsorship Page. You could create a competition within your Bubble to try and raise as much money for Oak Tree as possible! Effectively, there could be anything between one and six sponsorships going on within one Bubble!
  • Each sponsorship form/page that raises between £100-£499 is rewarded with an Oak Tree Tote Bag.
  • Each sponsorship form/page that raises any amount over £500 is entitled to one Oak Tree Hoodie in a size and colour of choice.
If I raise sponsorship both online and offline, are the results added together or counted separately?

That is entirely up to you. If you think you can raise at least £100 on your JustGiving page, and also via your Sponsorship Form, then why not go for it and earn two Tote Bags! If you want the results of your online and offline efforts to be combined, please mark this on the Sponsorship Form and we will add the results together. 

Where and when do I walk?

Anywhere where it is safe for your Bubble and your dog(s), starting from your home or another place. You can walk anytime between NOW and the 28th February, and you can either do it in one go or in several shorter walks, spread out over several days. Whatever suits your Bubble best. This is another opportunity to set your Bubble a special challenge. You could set a time limit, or you could make it a snuffle track or treasure hunt, or you could aim to take as many photos of houses decorated for Christmas, or... your imagination sets the limit!

There is a handy website at Mapometer that you can use to plan and measure your route. 

How do I let Oak Tree know when and how I completed the challenge?

We would love to hear from you, right from the start of your sponsorship gathering and planning, to the completion of your walk! Introduce us to your Bubble, send us pictures, videos and tell us your stories. Did you decide to personalise your challenge to raise even more funds? Show and tell! It would be great to see all dogs and people - as much as possible with their #BubbleWoofWalk badges, hi viz slap bands and bandanas, of course!

We have created a Members Only Group on Facebook, that everyone interested in the #BubbleWoofWalk can join. Once you're a member, you can invite friends and family, and of course your sponsors. If you are not on Facebook, you can send us what you want to share by email to events@oaktreeanimals.org.uk

Please remember to read our Guidelines and Terms & Conditions. We ask your special attention for the stipulation that we cannot accept pictures of dogs dressed up for any other reason than their benefit, i.e. to keep them warm and safe. That means no fancy dress. There are no such restrictions for humans, though!

Inspire others to join by using the hashtag #BubbleWoofWalk when you share your pictures and stories on your own social media. The more, the merrier. And the more animals we can help!

When do we find out the total amount of money raised?

The last possible date to do your #BubbleWoofWalk is 28th February 2021. 

Watch this space, our Facebook and Social Media, where we will let you know the exact date and time of the festive announcement of the total amount raised, as well as the incentives and prizes awarded. 

What are Oak Tree's Guidelines, Terms & Conditions for the #BubbleWoofWalk - Sponsored Dog Walk?

Oak Tree Animals' Charity wants all photos of the #BubbleWoofWalk to illustrate animals that are as happy, healthy and safe as can be. So before sending or submitting your photos, please do consider this.

Pictures must depict the animals' natural beauty, so please don’t dress your pet up, unless the clothing is for their benefit, e.g. to keep them warm. This means no fancy dress.

If Oak Tree Animals’ Charity feels your image does not meet with these standards we reserve the right to remove it from our page.

By entering this event you are agreeing to Oak Tree Animals’ Charity contacting you to notify you of any relating information, and you are agreeing that all images you provide may be shared with the Oak Tree Animals’ Charity’s social media audience. Please ensure that people included in the pictures you send us are aware of this. Your personal data won’t be used for any other purpose than what you agreed to on entering.

Events may occur that render the event or issuing of incentives impossible due to reasons beyond the control of Oak Tree Animals’ Charity, who may at their absolute discretion vary or amend the event and the entrant agrees that no liability will attach to the Oak Tree Animals’ Charity as a result.    

Oak Tree Animals' Charity reserve the right at any time to modify these terms and conditions, alter or discontinue this event if deemed necessary in their opinion or if circumstances arise outside their control.

The incentives are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and are not redeemable for cash or other prizes.