Regular Giving

Some of the animals coming in to us have debilitating or painful conditions, and need a lot of support and help.

This can involve everything from major surgery, physical and mental rehabilitation and regular medicines; to the simplest of things, like a spacious clean room with a comfortable bed and specialist food. This all costs a great deal each month.
Regular giving is the foundation stone of our fundraising and the only income we can reasonably forecast on an annual basis. As a regular supporter your help is vital to the success and development of this amazing charity, and allows us to predict and plan in a way we otherwise would not be able to do.

If you do decide to support the charity this way, it's entirely up to you of course how much you decide to give regularly, but here's an idea of what an impact your donation can make:

  • £5 could buy a fantastic enrichment toy for one of our dogs or go towards a scratching post for one of our cats.
  • £10 would pay for a training harness for one of our dogs looking for a new home.
  • £20 could feed up to 4 dogs, 6 cats or 2 horses for a fortnight.
  • £25 keeps one of our community vehicles on the road for one day to reach animals at the heart of the community.

Whatever you decide to give, thank you - you will be making a significant and lasting difference to the animals in our care.

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