Your Legacy

Support animals whilst protecting your loved ones.

Your Legacy

Do you have Willpower?

Supporters who remember Oak Tree Animals’ Charity in their will, help to provide dedicated welfare facilities, life-saving veterinary treatment and every day essentials like food. In 2015, 64% of our income came from the generosity of supporters who left us a gift in their will – equating to approximately 2 out of 3 meals for our animals being funded by legacies.

Some of our gifts have been in memory of a dear companion or in gratitude for the support they have received from the Charity at some point in the past. Others, wish to use their ‘will power’ to leave a lasting legacy to help save the lives of the many animals that come into our care after they have made provision for immediate family and friends.

We are always so indebted to supporters who choose to remember us in this way. Where we know of your wishes in advance, we have the opportunity to thank you in person, talk to you to ensure that we use your gift in the way you would like, and support your family through appropriate memorials when the time comes.

If you have already written a will and would like more information about leaving a legacy to the Charity, please call Lotte on 01228 560082 Ext. 224 or email

Thank you for your support

Do you need help writing a will?

If you are reading this and worry about the fact you haven't yet made provisions for your family by writing a will, look no further. We have teamed up with My Nest Egg, a local Wills and Trusts company based in Hutton-in-the-Forest as a way to provide a much needed service for everyone while helping the animals in our care. The husband and wife team have generously offered to donate £25 for every £100 will established through contact with Oak Tree Animals' Charity, regardless of whether or not you decide to leave a legacy to us.

A staggering number of us haven’t yet written a will. My Nest Egg offer a personable, professional service and Julian and Helen do all the hard work for you, at a very reasonable and competitive price. Use your willpower to take care of your loved ones. By using the services of My Nest Egg, our animals will benefit too. Please note, by using Nest Egg services you are not committing yourself to leaving a legacy to us, and will be under no obligation to do so.

For more information, please contact Julian and Helen and quote Oak Tree Animals' Charity ...

Thank you for your support.

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