• Status - Available
  • Breed - DSH
  • Sex - Male
  • Age - 9+ years (approx)
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Vaccinated - Yes

More about Me

Litter Trained  Litter Trained
Older Children Friendly  Older Children Friendly


Ian is approximately 13 years old and started visiting Oak Tree a few years ago but he didn’t hang around for long. Last year Ian reappeared and quickly made a bond with the staff, then became a full time resident here.

Ian is now looking for a home of his own, the main reason being he DOES NOT get on with other cats and has recently come back with some nasty injuries. Ian is a bit of a trouble maker so we feel it is unfair for him to stay here when he cant go out and enjoy the lovely surroundings.

Ian is looking for a very specific home, ideally a rural area with no other cats around. The perfect home for Ian would be with a secure garden or a catio so he can enjoy outside access without getting in to trouble! 

As much as Ian loves attention, like us all, he has days where he likes his own space so we are looking for a home with no young children or other pets.

Here are a few things Ian's foster carers have said about him

  • Ian might manage indoors permanently yes - but it couldn’t be a small place and he’d need a playful family. He likes sprinting around the place and diving down the corridor, so plenty of room for that. We play with him a lot (bell balls, bug on a fishing rod, hiding treats) every day to keep him entertained, so if he was indoors full time they’d need to maintain a high level of stimulation for him. 
  • We hide biscuits around the house for him & he hunts them out gradually between feeds, and gets a lot of exercise doing it! 

  • Ian runs down to greet us when we get home now, and is always ready for a cuddle. His favourite sleeping spot is on one of our chests! Can’t count the number of times I’ve woken to him purring in my face, keeping my tummy warm. If he can’t get there he’ll settle for a pillow or the foot of the bed.

Want to find out more about Ian?

Please call 01228 560082 between 10:00am and 4:00pm, and speak to a member of our Small Animal Team.


On average, we have 400 animals come into our shelter every year. Please take a look at some of our cats looking for loving homes and see if you can find a friend for life. Where appropriate, all of our animals are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. We also give each animal a behavioural assessment to identify their needs and help you find your perfect companion.

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