The Cleaning Kittens


  • Status - Adopted
  • Breed - DSH
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Vaccinated - Yes

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Litter Trained  Litter Trained
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Meet the cleaning kittens:

  • Mrs Mop - TORTIE FEMALE 
  • Mr Sheen - B&W MALE 
  • Mr Sparkles B&W MALE 

These 3 fluffballs were spotted by a member of the public at around 3 weeks old as strays with their mum. Unfortunately something frightened their mum so she had moved the kittens to safety and we were unable to locate them for a number of weeks. When we finally managed to catch mum and her babies, the kittens were acting slightly feral as they had not experienced any human contact. Its vital for kittens to be socialised between two and seven weeks and as they missed this period it can be hard for them to accept some things later in life.

We have spent the last few weeks playing with the kittens and handling them so they get used to human contact. They now greet us at the door and are happy to be stroked and picked up. Although the kittens have made great progress, we are looking for quiet homes for them as they may always be slightly nervous due to missing out on the early stages of socialisation.

The ideal home would be a quiet, adult only environment although we would consider older children. We will not be rehoming the kittens with young children or other pets.

As these kittens have experienced the outdoors, we will be looking for a home that can offer them outdoor access, ideally in a rural/semi-rural area.

Any potential adopters must be around for most of the day as the kittens still need a lot of handling and interaction to ensure they have the best possible chance in their new homes.

If you are interested in adopting any of the kittens please email us at with your name, address and telephone number and a bit about yourselves and why you feel a kitten would be a perfect match for you and your household.



On average, we have 400 animals come into our shelter every year. Please take a look at some of our cats looking for loving homes and see if you can find a friend for life. Where appropriate, all of our animals are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. We also give each animal a behavioural assessment to identify their needs and help you find your perfect companion.

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