• Status - Adopted
  • Breed - JRT
  • Sex - Female
  • Age - 9+ years (approx)
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Vaccinated - Yes

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11/11/2021 UPDATED 

Say hello to our adorable little JRT, Kizzy. She is 12 and a half years old, but try telling her that. She has a lot of energy and adores her long romps in the woods and fields. She has been in our care for quite a few weeks as we do not seem to have found the home yet that we think suits her needs. So please take the time to read all about her. Kizzy is just an adorable character who will be a very loving companion, but it does need to be the right home for her.

IN THE HOME - Kizzy loves to get comfortable on the sofa to snooze and snore away whilst having belly rubs from her special people. In the home, she just loves to be around you. She can be very playful especially if you have some doggy toys for her to chase after. Rather than being in our kennels, Kizzy has regularly been going home with a couple of members of staff, who both completely adore her. She could be left alone for periods of around 3 hours. Kizzy is house trained.  She has been staying some of her time in a staff member home with LARGE BREED dogs that are very calm, which she gets on fine with. We do not feel she is so comfortable around small or lively, barking dogs.

EXERCISE - Despite her age, Kizzy is still very active and loves her long walks. She heads out as if on a mission to get somewhere in a hurry.  Kizzy has to be kept on a lead as she has poor recall. She is fascinated by running water and would quite happily jump into a raging river and get swept away, given the chance. She loves travelling on new adventures in the car.

ISSUES TO CONSIDER - On walks, Kizzy can get extremely agitated when she sees other dogs and may bark excessively and pull when she sees them. Introducing her the right way to new dogs is paramount and Kizzy needs adopters who are happy to be guided by us. Sometimes it may be a case of going a different way to avoid dogs, although sometimes careful introductions will result in Kizzy happily walking along with another dog. She can also get overexcited when she hears other dogs barking nearby, so we will need to take into account if neighbours have noisy dogs, as they may set her off.


  • Active adult home (although visiting children will be fine) with quiet walks
  • Rural home, with a secure garden, no gaps for her to squeeze through
  • Home without cats
  • Could live with a friendly LARGE BREED dog so long as it is calm, and introductions are done carefully at Oak Tree
  • Calm home without neighbouring barking dogs
  • Left maximum 3 hours
  • Please include your phone number in email

Please email in the first instance to:  or ring us on 01228 560082.  Tell us a a bit about yourself and why you think Kizzy will be your perfect companion. Please include your phone number in email.

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