• Status - Available
  • Sex - Female
  • Age - 1 year (approx)
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Vaccinated - Yes

More about Me

High Energy  High Energy


Saffy is gorgeous, energetic and super clever.  She is not suitable to be a family pet content with walks around the streets or to the local park.

She will need an experienced owner who can match her need for physical and mental stimulation.

The world can be quite an over-stimulating place at times for Saffy and as such she can react inappropriately especially if things catch her by surprise.

We have been doing lots of work to help her cope and behave more appropriately and any new owner must be prepared to continue this training.

In the right home, Saffy has the potential to be a fantastic sporting dog (agility, hoopers, scentwork, parkour etc.)  She will not thrive on companionship and exercise alone.


Saffy is wary of strangers and will need to meet potential adopters several times to start building a relationship with her.  

If you are interested in Saffy please contact or telephone 560082 and ask to speak to Caz.  Saffy is not available for walk-ins or general viewings.


Want to find out more about Saffy?

Please call 01228 560082 between 10.00am and 4.00pm, to speak with a member of our Small Animal Team.


On average, we have 400 animals come into our shelter every year. Please take a look at some of our dogs looking for loving homes and see if you can find a friend for life. Where appropriate, all of our animals are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. We also give each animal a behavioural assessment to identify their needs and help you find your perfect companion.

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