Dreams can come true!

15th February 2019

This week has been one of excitement for our equines and team as our sandschool vision has come into reality and the first ponies ventured into the arena! Three years in development and fundraising activities and it's finally here! Huge thanks to Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust who gave a significant donation towards it's construction and to everyone who has contributed time, money and expertise.

The sandschool was a vital project for our team to enable us to assess, rehabilitate, train and successfully rehome our horses. Up until this week, training could only take place in the fields and, with our wonderful British weather, during the Winter months, training had to cease as fields became muddier. February training has up until now been unheard of but Pacer, Magic, Red and Blue have all "strutted their stuff" in the arena, enjoying the fabulous surface.

It's so exciting when a dream comes true .... thank you all so much!

Dreams can come true!

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