Kitten Socialisation

31st May 2019

At this time of year we get really busy at Oak Tree as "kitten season" arrives. At this time of year queens (un-neutered female cat) have litters and we start to see a large number of unwanted kittens being handed into rescue centres to help find new homes.

It's really important at this early stage of life that kittens get the chance to learn about humans, human life and develop the skills that will see them gain confidence and equip them for life as a pet. 

Therefore, when fosterers are not available our team make sure that they get as much experience of being around humans and you can often find them in the offices - asleep, playing, exploring or just enjoying a cuddle. Yesterday, Vimto and her sister Tango spent the day with our fundraising team and  office volunteer Stewart spent time with them while he was helping sort some paperwork out - Vimto gave great assistance!

For information about fostering or volunteering or the importance of neutering your cat please contact 

Kitten Socialisation

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