Garden Shed Kittens 

19th August 2019

Our team was contacted by a local garden company who had been tasked with the job of reinventing a back garden. This involved digging up the entire area and demolishing a garden shed.

When they tore down the shed with their digger, they did not expect to find a litter of 6 new born kittens under there. Unfortunately the garden had been totally destroyed and there was no sign of mother. They moved the kittens away from the elements and made contact with us. (Remember the crazy Cumbrian Summer we have had with flash flooding? This was the week the kittens were born).

The case was then passed on to our intake team leader Caz, who has been working tirelessly to hand rear the 4 day old kittens. They have been with us for a few days now and are doing fantastically.

The following day we managed to trap the mother of the kittens. She was feral and unfortunately reuniting was unsuccessful. She was taken to our local vets and was neutered, along with having treatment to prevent mastitis from developing.

This has been the only hand rearing case in 5 years here at Oak Tree.

We cannot wait to show you their progress. Garden themed name suggestions are welcome! :)


Garden Shed Kittens

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