Skippy – the kitten found in a skip.

8th August 2017

Skippy, a six week old kitten, was found by workers at a Carlisle waste facility, alone in a skip, covered in rubbish. The caring workers, having checked that no mother was around to take care of her, took her immediately to Eden Veterinary Centre who gave him a clean-up and a full medical check-over.

The staff at Eden then contacted Oak Tree Animals’ Charity to see if we were able to take care of her and look towards finding her a permanent home.

Being six weeks old, it was important that Skippy gained experience home-life before permanent rehoming. We were able to find her a caring foster home for a few weeks in preparation for finding a loving new forever home.

The latest news is that Skippy is thoroughly exploring and enjoying her new foster home. The staff at Oak Tree are delighted!

For more information about Oak Tree Animals’ Charity’s fostering programme and how you can help animals like Skippy, please email

 Skippy – the kitten found in a skip.

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