A move towards more pet-friendly rentals?

9th January 2020

Our Community Team have been working hard to improve the availability of pet-friendly rental accommodation in our region through the launch of our Pets in Rentals programme for landlords. The lack of availability of pet-friendly rentals is one of the primary reasons we see animals coming in for adoption as families are unable to find accommodation where they can take their pet.

 We were, therefore, really encouraged by the recent statement from the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick, who is going to overhaul the model tenancy contract to make it easier for tenants to have pets.  This model contract, which is often used as a basis of lease agreements made with tenants, will be “revised to ensure more landlords are catering for responsible pet owners wherever possible.”

As a proactive animal charity we hope that this will help us keep pets and owners together wherever possible rather than seeing families split by lack of suitable accommodation causing unnecessary animal and owner distress.

For information on the Pets in Rentals programme please click HERE

A move towards more pet-friendly rentals?

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