Make sure you visit Oak Tree

We visited a few times after deciding to get a pet cat from an animal refuge.

There is a very nice cafe, shop & helpful staff that answered all our questions.

We were shown around the cat accommodation (there are also dogs & horses) and were free to see the cats. After paper work and a short questionnaire was filled in we were able to reserve a cat. We got to meet two suitable cats & chose Patch!

Patch is a 17 month old cat who’d already had two litters when rescued. She is inquisitive & very friendly and ideal for a home with a 9 year old boy. Patch needed spaying & treatments from Oak Tree, but we got to visit & drop off treats as she got better & was ready to take to her new home.

Oak Tree were always helpful & friendly.
Treats from the tea shop during a visit are also delicious. There is also a new children’s outdoor play area, and regular events for guests.

If you are looking for a new pet, make sure you visit Oak Tree.

Stephen Graham

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