Never Forgotten

Pets are like family, and saying goodbye can be one of the hardest things we do. Our pets live on through our memories, and because of this, will never be forgotten.

If you would like to share a photograph and a few words about a pet you’ve lost – whether it’s recent, or many years ago – please consider using our Never Forgotten page. It’s a special way to share memories of a never forgotten pet with like-minded people, and it’s also a lovely way to celebrate their life.

We hope our supporters will feel comforted by it, whether you decide to share a memory or not.
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PippinOwned by Wendy Round

After a terrible start to her life Pippin was fortunate to be taken in by you in 2008. I in turn was lucky enough to be chosen by Pippin to be her human companion and I took her to her forever home in January 2010. Although extremely nervous with most strangers she warmed to my Dad and I. She was there for me at some really dark moments in my life and kept me company through the last couple of years of lockdowns. She will be a huge Pippin shape hole in my life and my home will not be one without her. I am only comforted that she was looked after, much loved and was given a lovely home after being treated so badly at the start of her life. I thank the team at Oak Tree for giving me the privilege of being part of her life for 12 years. I just wish I could have had another couple of years with her, but at least she is no longer in any pain or suffering. Sleep well Pippin - I will never forget you and our time together.


SaffyOwned by Amanda Batey

This is Saffy who we adopted in 2012. She didn’t have the best start in life but we hope as a family we made up for that. Adopting or fostering a pet is so rewarding and we thank the staff at Oak Tree for allowing us to adopt Saffy (was Pearl).


GeorgeOwned by Tommy McMaster

When we were granted the privilege to take George home about 12 years ago he was a bit timid and quiet. When he settled in he became a very lovable and a big part of the family. He enjoyed walking, playing and enjoyed lazing about on the decking when it was sunny and warm and got very excited when he travelled in the car to go on holiday or day trips. He liked having his picture taken and ripping his Christmas presents open. George was very intelligent and knew the time of day when it came to feeding time and when we were due home from work George will be sadly missed, there will never be another like him. Linda, Andrew, Tommy


JinxOwned by Irene Brown

My beautiful, gentle Jinx has just gone to rainbow bridge on the 17/01/2021. Taken far too soon due to anti-freeze poisoning. We are devastated and broken hearted. He was only 5! We will always have you in our hearts special boy.


Alfie Owned by Mike and Maria

We got Alfie from the refuge over ten years ago he was nervous but after a while he started to enjoy life. He was our world in September this year we took him to the vets to get his teeth checked and he had a terminal illness ☹️ We had to let him go miss him every day but we spoiled him made him happy and he made us happy xx


CharleyOwned by Mandy & David Oates

We adopted Charley from Oak Tree when she was 6 years old in 2013. We were her 3rd owners. Sadly after 7 years with ourselves we had to say goodbye to Charley, she was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2019 and fought hard for 15 months. She has left us with some amazing memories and the house just isn't the same. She was the most loving dog and was always wagging her tail. We are so grateful that we were given the chance to adopt Charley and give her the best possible end to her life. Sleep tight Charley


CustardOwned by Rachel Louise Griffiths

A real character, we had to say goodbye to our lovely boy at 13 years. He has left us with a huge Custard shaped hole, but many happy memories too. He was chasing dandilion seed heads to the very last, his favorite game. Miss you so much, but always in our hearts, happy dreams darling. Andrew and Rachel xxxxxxxx


Bonnie Owned by Ian Amor

Bonnie our Jack Russell was 10.5 years old when I had to do the kindest thing in May, she loved life and nothing better than being in the car travelling with us. The house and garden are so empty without her here, she touched the hearts of many and will never be forgotten.


jackoOwned by gareth jenkins

We knew it was hard giving up our jacko but now we know its the best thing to do so he gets lots of love care and attention miss you jacko love you so much have a great time with your new family xx


CeriOwned by Jim & Hannah Norris

Beautiful Ceri was such a loving girl, and came to us from a local rescue centre at 5 months old, when we lived in Wales. Though nervous in her early years, she was always full of energy, and after learning to retrieve, became easy to exercise. I am a wheelchair user and she quickly understood how to trot next to me, and that sticks, balls etc had to be placed on my lap. We lived by the sea for most of her life, which she loved to throw herself into, on walks with daddy! But I will always be full of gratitude for the way she would comfort me when our youngest daughter died, unexpectedly. She would put her front paws either side of my lap and when I leaned forward to cuddle her, sobbing; she pressed her head into my neck until I quietened again, licked my tears away and lay down beside me, with an ear up. She made those agonising early weeks a bit less awful. She will always be my heroine! RIP Ceri, and thank you from every fibre of my heart for being the finest loyal friend, companion and comforter, for 15 glorious years.

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