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Pets are like family, and saying goodbye can be one of the hardest things we do. Our pets live on through our memories, and because of this, will never be forgotten.

If you would like to share a photograph and a few words about a pet you’ve lost – whether it’s recent, or many years ago – please consider using our Never Forgotten page. It’s a special way to share memories of a never forgotten pet with like-minded people, and it’s also a lovely way to celebrate their life.

We hope our supporters will feel comforted by it, whether you decide to share a memory or not.
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FinbarOwned by Tony Lucy and Caitlin

Fin came to live with us from OakTree at 6 months of age and we had 14 years with him. What a super happy joyful dog he has been. We miss him lots.


MinnieOwned by Sue & Charlie Hodgson

We lost our Minnie just 2 months ago to melanoma. She was the perfect little staffy, so loving and affectionate. We're totally lost without her. We had her from a pup from a local rescue and were so lucky to have had her for 12 wonderful years. Beautiful girl. Miss you.


PetraOwned by Doreen raphael

My beloved Petra. I adopted her from you three and a half years ago when she was 16. She was a house cat and my best friend. She was a mummy’s girl who liked to cuddle on the couch or sleep in my arms in bed at night. Totally ruined. My heart is breaking. If anybody is thinking about adopting please think about an older cat. I said when I adopted Petra I would make what ever time she had left happy and loved and I did. If Petra wanted it Petra got it! ,.And she was only 4 months away from being a grand old age of 20 yrs.. Miss her so much.


MollyOwned by Rachel & Rob

We had to say goodbye to our beautiful Molly at the end of August. Molly was no ordinary dog, she was loved by all who met her. Gentle, kind, funny and unique. We so loved her and miss her terribly. We are very grateful that she lived 15 long and happy years with us and she made us smile each day of her life with us. Thanks Moll, for teaching us all so much about compassion and what really matters in life. We love and miss you always xxx


BayleyOwned by Fran Pearson

Bayley, my handsome little man. Passed away very suddenly in my arms on Thursday 19th July 2018 from a pulmonary embolism, aged 10 years 8 months. Thank-you for being you and for teaching me how to love unconditionally. For being my best friend and reminding me of the joy of simple walks and pleasures when times were tough...never forgotten...never replaced, love from mam. xxx


AlfieOwned by Bob and Diane Redhead

Alfie made our life complete and we are lost without him. He was full of collie character, fun and mischief. We had a 'talking' collie, a loyal friend and companion. He soon had us trained and would take us on long country walks filled with lots of fun, throwing sticks and laughter. What a character he was. He made lots of doggy friends and would often be admired by their owners. We loved him dearly and were repaid a hundred fold. If only we could have had him longer, that's the sadness that his life was cut short by illness. But we will be forever grateful that he came into our lives, turned them upside down with his cheeky ways. He can never be replaced and will be forever missed and loved, but we hope one day to have another doggy friend, not a replacement, but another little character who we can love and be loved by. So Alfie, many many thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all your love and loyalty and for teaching us so much about dogs that we didn't know before. You were truly one in a million and we will love and miss you forever.


FlyOwned by Claire and karl morris

Fly was my best friend the best dog ever and It broke my heart when I had to say good bye you will never be forgotten fly we had some pretty awesome times love amd miss you girl x x


BellaOwned by Oak Tree

Looking after rescue animals can be very rewarding but there are also bittersweet times if one of them becomes seriously ill while in our care. We are heartbroken to have to announce that one of our much loved, longer term dogs, Bella, has recently succumbed to a very swift acting and aggressive form of cancer. We all dearly want a happy-ever-after ending for the dogs in our care and although it did not happen for Bella, we like to think that she was happy with us. Bella slipped away with dignity, surrounded by the people who loved and cared for her. Often referred to as ‘Princess’, Bella enjoyed being a diva. She spent much of her daytime in the office being pampered. She loved her walks but woe betide any cat that dared to pop up in front of her. She had a special harness made as she would wriggle out of conventional ones. Bella was our very own ‘Naughty But Nice’ and much loved dog.


MeganOwned by Diana

Megan our beautiful German Shepherd Rotti cross. Came to us from a Tyneside rescue centre in 2009. She had been abandoned and was under weight. Amazingly in spite of her poor start' she was everything a dog should be: lovable, friendly, lively, but always protective and full of enthusiasm for life. Always smiley faced. Loved her walks and could've easily outwalked me even after going miles. Barked to get in from the garden and barked to get out, barked to be fed, and barked to get doogie treats and was always interested when the fridge door opened! Liked a bit of a ham treat alongside her cat companions. She lived amicably with my 5 cats! LOL! Intelligent and loving. We miss her particularly for announcing the arrival of the postie and for her unique way of quiet woof chatting to us whilst in her basket. Sadly put to sleep on 27th December due to liver disease. We miss her lots.


OzOwned by Rachel & Andrew Griffiths

Cared for by Rachel and Andrew. We only shared your life for a brief moment, but what fun we all had. You were a true gentleman and an absolute delight to care for. A handsome boy with many friends at Oak Tree, you made everyone smile – thank you Oz, we all miss you. Andrew & Rachel & Rachel too xx

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