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Share your Happy Endings! We love to hear about how pets adopted from Oak Tree have settled in their forever homes. Whether they were adopted recently, or a long time ago, we'd really like to hear from you and them!


BuddyOwned by Ann Wilkinson

Adopted a couple of months ago. Buddy has settled in very well. He is a cutie and very affectionate. He has his own little routine now and has various sleeping places. He has ventured outside in the last couple of weeks and loves it especially as we live in the countryside, He loves his cuddles and his purr is so loud we adore him.


ObiOwned by Rachele & Rees

Obi has been with us nearly 1 year. He has changed our lives. He is the most loving elderly gent who is full of energy and character. He loves long muddy walks and snuggles on the sofa. We can't thank Oak Tree any more for such an amazing experience.


gem Owned by christopher mason

gem has settled in now has realy come on not as timmid she has made herself at home she is part of our family she goes in and around the house on our bed my sons bed sits on window sill in the living room watches what goes on she doesnt hide behind the couch now has a good appite and if she isnt running round playing with toys she is relaxed sitting on side cubourd watching fish swimming round she is very affectionate and loving will let you know what she wants she quite vocal now she will come to you for cuddles and love she goes and sees dan ok in his room and greets him when comes home from school and slleeps on his bed she is motherly with him we are so pleased we have her she has made herself part of family and at home we love her and glad we could give her a home thanks for letting us have her we are so happy to have her


Milo Owned by Amanda Young

Milo came to us on Friday 13th of December, unlucky for some but not us! He's an absolute nutter, full of beans and loves nothing more than being curled up on your lap getting plenty of attention. He just fits right in and is the perfect addition to our family. He was a little nervous at first but has totally come out of his shell and his personality really shines. We were a little hesitant about getting a rescue but all my issues were solved when we met him. We just love him and are so happy that he chose us! Thank you for all your help you made the whole experience easy and gave us all the support and info that we needed.


CassieOwned by Pamela Spooner

Cassie came to live with us 3 years ago after being used for badger baiting and being badly abused. She went into 'shutdown', as Paul O'Grady would say. She just sat in shock for about 5 days. She must have missed out on socialising as a pup, as all she knew was fear and aggression towards other dogs. After lots and lots of love and patience she is now the most loving little dog, and her terrier spirit is shining through! She is also beginning to make doggy friends.


MilliganOwned by Edith Kerr

Milligan came to us on 17th November 2006. His mother came into the refuge and Milligan was born on the 30-04-05. Apparently the other pups were rehomed but he remained with you until we came along when he was 18 month old. He is now a very elderly gentleman who is still enjoying life if a little slow and very set in his ways.


MinnieOwned by Rona and John McGowan

We re-homed Minnie just before Christmas and she has become one of the family already. She has settled really well, she loves long walks, playing with her toys (her favourite is still her pink ball she left Oaktree with) and lots and lots of sloppy kisses and cuddles. She walks well on her lead and really responds when doing well but she still is working on her manners with other doggies but likes to say hello. She really is a big part of our family now and we couldn't imagine not having her.


DaisyOwned by Stephen Morton

Settled really well. Loves cuddles and gets along with George really well. Her tail is always wagging and she loves tennis balls.


RockyOwned by Wendy Mynett

Rocky has settled very well with is new pal Herbie ex racehorse. With humans Rocky was very timid, but now with lots of carrots and attention he is the first to greet us when we arrive at his home, at the gallop with Herbie in hot pursuit. He now waits for to be fussed, instead of showing signs of nervousness and backing off. He is quite happy to stand unaided by halters or lead ropes for changing of rugs and grooming. Stabling is a bit of a problem at the moment but working on it. Otherwise he has the freedom to come and go when he pleases. Herbie does too!! Haylage and molassed licks in stables to entice him in. He is starting to go in, HURRAY!!! think its the "licks" he is after. His daily feeds are fed outside the stables, alongside Herbie, under the overhang.


PatchOwned by Claire Losh & Simon McPake

Patch is now 12yrs old have had him since he was 1yr old a big softie

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