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Share your Happy Endings! We love to hear about how pets adopted from Oak Tree have settled in their forever homes. Whether they were adopted recently, or a long time ago, we'd really like to hear from you and them!

Lily and Daisy (formerly Millie and Maisie)

Lily and Daisy (formerly Millie and Maisie)Owned by Amanda and Nigel Bowers

We adopted 2 lovely white kitties, Lily and Daisy, almost 3 years ago. They hid under the bed for a while, but gradually settled in. They're very happy, very much loved, and are enjoying life to the full!


PatchOwned by Claire Losh & Simon McPake

Patch is now 12yrs old have had him since he was 1yr old a big softie


Kiera Owned by Paul Tweddle

We've had Kiera now for 18 months. At first she was suspicious and aloof (like most Lurchers), but is now totally chilled and a very loving girl! She enjoys her walks and charging around like a mad thing when the mood takes her, and we are so pleased we adopted her.


LuckyOwned by Tessa Osborne

Lucky has settled herself in nicely. Loves to sit in the window all day and loves her cuddles. Especially at 4am! She loves her little treats and is getting used to having Abbie as a housemate


PetraOwned by Doreen Raphael

Got 16yr old Petra from you almost 18 months ago. When I first got her she took a while to trust me and not lash out. We were flooded 5 months after that but we were never apart. Back in our home now and she has become the most loving , loyal little girl who just loves to be cuddled . I always say I saved her and then she saved me and helped me so much by being there during the floods. Can't imagine being without her



Abbie has recently gone to her new home and has surprised everyone with how fast she has settled in. She loves to watch TV and enjoys cuddles.


JeromeOwned by Lucy Coulter

Jerome has settled in well to his new home and loves lots of attention. I walk into the stable block in the morning and he whinnies as soon as he sees me! He also has lots of new friends on the livery yard!


daisyOwned by Susan Ormerod

Daisy has settled in smashing likes her little walks and cuddles


DaisyOwned by Stephen Morton

Settled really well. Loves cuddles and gets along with George really well. Her tail is always wagging and she loves tennis balls.


NulaOwned by Kirsty and Nathan

We adopted Nula 7/10/2017 and she settled in right from the start. Nula is a lovely dog and everyone comments on how beautiful she is. She is great with kids and loves people, but we are working on her interaction with other dogs and trying to get her to play with toys more. We don't feel like we have only had her a short time, it's like she has always been ours. We love her so much and can't wait for her first Christmas with us! We can't thank oak trees enough for letting us adopt her :)

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