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Share your Happy Endings! We love to hear about how pets adopted from Oak Tree have settled in their forever homes. Whether they were adopted recently, or a long time ago, we'd really like to hear from you and them!

Lily and Daisy (formerly Millie and Maisie)

Lily and Daisy (formerly Millie and Maisie)Owned by Amanda and Nigel Bowers

We adopted 2 lovely white kitties, Lily and Daisy, almost 3 years ago. They hid under the bed for a while, but gradually settled in. They're very happy, very much loved, and are enjoying life to the full!

Hairy Mary

Hairy MaryOwned by Andy Long

Hairy Mary (or HM - Her Majesty) has settled into her new home very quickly, as you can see. She is chatty, inquisitive, and despite the lameness in her right leg, she has been investigating the entire house. She loves playing with her toys and tearing at her scratching post. Highly affectionate, she purrs when she is being fussed over and enjoys having her tummy being rubbed. Happy days for HM!

Kala (formerly Kitty)

Kala (formerly Kitty)Owned by David Dixon

I chose the name Kala, especially as in Hawaiian two meanings amongst others are 'Princess', and 'the sun'. Of course she is a princess, but one that loves to be in a sunny spot. She settled in very well after arriving, keen to explore every nook and cranny, to play or content to appraise the outside world from a window sill. Passing dogs, other cats, and even the postie attracted growls, clearly I had found myself a guard cat. I noticed over the first weeks how, often adopting the meerkat posture, she spent time lookng up, especially in the conservatory, where a noise on the roof, a flyover Jackdaw, Rook or even an aircraft grabbed her attention. Close to my bungalow is my shed and a boundary brick wall with a fence on top, and I foresaw when the time came to let Kala outside, both would provide easy access to the roof of the bungalow and an irresistible exploration opporntunity. I considered re locating the shed, but given she could easily jump from the fence onto the bungalow roof, she would then have a difficult task to jump back and I therefore decided to leave the shed in place. And so it came to pass, the roof was and continues to be safely explored, jumping from both the fence and the shed but always back via the shed. The shed roof and the fence have become excellent places to sit and survey, or in the case of the shed roof a place to doze in her beloved sun. Kala has been a constant joy and delight since I have become her carer/provider (never her owner) and daily makes me laugh and smile. Thank you Oak Tree for allowing me to have Kala in my life, and for all the care and work you do with all animals.


NeroOwned by Ken and Gill Denham

We first saw Nero on the website and fell in love with his happy smiley face, we then went to view him, and we all took to each other immediately. We have now had Nero since March and he is really part of the household now. Nero has adapted well and he loves going on walks and he enjoys to swim in Talkin Tarn which is only up the road from us. He loves car journeys and will jump in the car at any opportunity so he can go for a drive. We have chickens and Nero is very good with them, he does not chase or bother them at all, being more interested in human company! Nero loves people and is a very affectionate boy, he is loving, kind and very placid, he has a lot of energy, he is after all, only 4 years old so we often throw him a ball when we are out with him and he loves it, because it uses up his energy. He loves to cuddle with us on the sofa if we are watching a film on the tv and if a package or parcel comes in the post, he is very interested and likes to get his nose in it to see what it is. Nero has also met the wider family including my niece who adores him, we often take him into our local cafe, or to the pub and he is well behaved and also he gets a lot of admiration from other people as well, who often comment that he is a lovely dog and of course, it goes without saying, he loves the strokes he gets off his fans too!!


BuddyOwned by Ann Wilkinson

Adopted a couple of months ago. Buddy has settled in very well. He is a cutie and very affectionate. He has his own little routine now and has various sleeping places. He has ventured outside in the last couple of weeks and loves it especially as we live in the countryside, He loves his cuddles and his purr is so loud we adore him.

Elsa (GSD)

Elsa (GSD) Owned by Lauren

Hi we got Elsa (GSD) just over 7 weeks ago from oak tree. She has come on in leaps & bounds. She loves nothing more than going out with her doggie friend every day exploring and swimming even when it's raining. One of her favourite things to do is chase bubbles you'd think she was part kangaroo. We couldn't of picked a better dog than her. He well and truly has got her paws firmly under the table in our house.


ObiOwned by Rachele & Rees

Obi has been with us nearly 1 year. He has changed our lives. He is the most loving elderly gent who is full of energy and character. He loves long muddy walks and snuggles on the sofa. We can't thank Oak Tree any more for such an amazing experience.


MinnieOwned by The Oliver Family

Minnie joined our family 7 months ago. To begin with she was very nervous, especially on walks. We were able to join an obedience class almost straight away, which was a great help for socialising. Now she loves nothing better than playing with a tug toy, chasing a ball or running round the beach or cricket field, preferably with as many other dogs as she can find! She is a lovely little character and we can't imagine life without her.


gem Owned by christopher mason

gem has settled in now has realy come on not as timmid she has made herself at home she is part of our family she goes in and around the house on our bed my sons bed sits on window sill in the living room watches what goes on she doesnt hide behind the couch now has a good appite and if she isnt running round playing with toys she is relaxed sitting on side cubourd watching fish swimming round she is very affectionate and loving will let you know what she wants she quite vocal now she will come to you for cuddles and love she goes and sees dan ok in his room and greets him when comes home from school and slleeps on his bed she is motherly with him we are so pleased we have her she has made herself part of family and at home we love her and glad we could give her a home thanks for letting us have her we are so happy to have her

Sally nee Suki

Sally nee SukiOwned by Elaine & Bill Darling

Sally went to live with the Darling's a couple of years ago, having been brought to the refuge as a stray. She's very gentle with a lovely nature and is much loved by all the family, she even gets the bed when the grandchildren come to stay! Sally loves to run and is lucky to have open spaces where she lives, she is always very happy to see Poppy and Rosie her border collie chums. Her favourite past time bedsides running and eating is sleeping in front of the fire.

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