Fundraise for Us

We count ourselves incredibly lucky to have such a loyal and dedicated supporter network, and we are so grateful for all the donations we receive and the efforts people go to in order to raise funds for us.

Fundraise for Us

Fundraisers Blog

THANK YOU to everyone who joined in with our January Run for Rescue! Through your determination, and generous sponsors, we managed to raise more than £3,000! To take part in our next Run for Rescue in May, please click HERE

THANK YOU to everyone who has created a Facebook Fundraiser for us - whether it's been in lieu of birthday presents or you've taken on a challenge and asked for donations, we're very grateful. 

THANK YOU to everyone who has created fundraisers on Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving - whether it's part of one of our organised events or you're taking part in a unique challenge, you're pawsome!! 

THANK YOU to everyone taking on fundraisers offline and choosing to do it in aid of Oak Tree - every single £1 you raise will make a difference.

The need for funds will never go away: to ensure the charity can continue providing the services it does and remain available to both pets and pet owners in our community, we must raise approximately £850,000 a year. This is definitely achievable – with your help.

Every single £1 raised makes a difference to the animals in our care. And all those £1s add up, so together, we can do it! Whether you want to take part in one of our sponsored challenges or you would prefer to develop your own unique fundraising event, we want to hear from you.

Perhaps you would like to organise a bake sale, plan a fashion show or climb the three peaks. Or maybe you’d like to get sponsored for taking part in the Great Cumbrian Run, or you like the idea of organising a music gig or sponsored cycle ride. It might be that you’ve got a fantastic idea but that you’re not quite sure how to go about turning it into a fundraiser. That’s where we come in!

We want to hear your ideas and plans, whatever they may be; while we can’t run your event for you, we want you to know we’re here to help you as much as we can. We can provide you with a mini fundraising guide full of hints and tips. We can print you off your own personalised sponsorship forms. We can lend you collection buckets. We would also be more than happy to promote your event on our social media pages and encourage people to sponsor you by pointing them towards your online fundraising page. We will then celebrate your achievement by presenting you with a certificate!

Contact the fundraising team on 01228 560082 Ext.222, email us, or message us via our messaging service on Facebook

Once your fundraiser is set up, don't forget to add it to our Fundraisers Blog! You can upload a picture, add a direct link to your fundraising page and tell everyone a bit more about what you're doing to raise funds!

Your money will make such a difference…

It will go towards everything and anything to ensure the animals we look after continue to receive the best possible care. This includes veterinary care (one of our biggest costs); food; enrichment and heating, to name a few of the many things which cost money. We can guarantee that anything you can donate will be put to the best possible use and will have a lasting and significant impact on our work here.

Our animals need socialisation, exercise, enrichment, warmth, food and water; they need to be housed in suitable, clean accommodation, and some of them need specialist behavioural attention in order to prepare them for their forever home. There’s so many things your money can help the charity with and every donation is extremely valuable to us.

Putting no restrictions on where your funds go mean we can put it in the pot and spend it in the most effective way - on what is most needed at the time. That said, if you do have something specific you would like to raise funds for here at Oak Tree Animals’ Charity, we’d be very happy to discuss this with you.

Gift Aid

If you haven't already, please take a look at our Gift Aid page to ensure any donation or fundraising you do is subject to Gift Aid wherever possible. It means 25% more money for the animals at no extra cost to you!