The Heart of Our Community - Support and Advice

The Heart of Our Community - Support and Advice

Every year animal charities are faced with a substantial number of unwanted pets being relinquished into their care.

For many owners, this is a last resort when no other options can be found. At Oak Tree we understand how important the owner-pet bond is and we try to make a difference. Where possible and appropriate, we help to keep pets and owners together in loving homes avoiding unnecessary stress and suffering to both owner and animal. For many, their pet is their lifeline and, when they fall on hard times, their pet may be their only confidante and friend, a member of their family.

Our community team provide owners with practical support and advice. We have developed working relationships with organisations in the local area including housing associations, social care providers, health care services, local councils, partner charities and foodbanks in a bid to support members of our community and their animals who may be struggling. 

We offer a number of services aimed at those who may find themselves in unexpected financial hardship such as neutering, microchipping, behaviour advice and essential pet food and equipment. Our sessions are often carried out alongside our partners such as Carlisle Foodbank and local vets.

For many unowned, feral cats we also offer a Trap Neuter and Return (TNR) service to help manage feral cat numbers, health and help colonies maintain relationships with the human community they live with.

To learn more about the work carried out by our community team and how you can support us, please contact

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