Outdoor Cat Rehoming

Oak Tree believes that the best place for a feral and semi-feral cats is outdoors in an environment they are acclimatised to. This way, they can regulate their own daily routines and are able to avoid confinement and involuntary close contact with humans. 

There are no fees involved when rehoming an outdoor cat but a donation would be appreciated to help support our work.

What is an outdoor cat?

An outdoor cat isn't like a usual pet cat, they live outside in places like outbuildings, sheds, stables, barns, etc. They have some form of human contact and are usually fed by people to some extent. They form attachments to their caretaker or feeder and may approach them for attention, but are unlikely to approach a stranger (without food). Outdoor cats can be referred to as 'farm' cats which are usually found in the countryside and around farm buildings, where as 'community' or 'street' cats are found in urban areas. They may also be referred to as ‘working’ cats as they are integral for keeping down rodent populations.

All of the outdoor cats that we rehome are neutered and have often come to us via our Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) service. We neuter all outdoor cats to reduce the numbers of unwanted kittens and the spread of diseases, with both feral and domestic cats. We 'ear tip' This is to avoid any unnecessary trapping in the future. Cats are also vaccinated and flea and worm treatment is given where necessary.

What is an ear tip?

All feral cats that have been neutered have the tip of their ear painlessly removed by a vet to avoid any unnecessary trapping in the future. If the cat has been ear tipped, leave it be.

Outdoor Cats: Rehoming Questionnaire

If you would like to rehome an outdoor cat, please express your interest by filling in the form below...

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