Could you foster a dog or cat? The Charity needs people willing to open up their homes to dogs and cats looking for a new start in life.


Do you have the time, patience and love to become a fosterer?

Animal fostering plays a vital part in the rehabilitation of animals and helps improve their chance of finding a new home. Fostering an animal is also a rewarding experience, knowing that you played a vital part in the homing process when a foster animal is successfully rehomed.

The types of animals that might require fostering are:

  • Young animals - puppies and kittens that require care, love and attention which can be best provided in a warm homely environment.
  • Older animals - elderly animals who just require a few home comforts. Their needs are few and the reward of being able to offer them companionship and care in their later years is immeasurable.
  • Animals with behavioural issues - through no fault of their own and due to difficult or unpleasant experiences they have had to endure throughout their lives, these animals have not developed the social-skills/coping strategies to deal with the day-to-day challenges that life can bring.
  • Animals with medical issues – some minor, some more serious. The Charity believes that whenever possible and viable, all these animals deserve the best chance we can give them. So, we look for very special people who can provide the love, care and compassion that these animals deserve in the latter part of their life.

Support, help and advice will always be available from the Charity and our behaviourist will also be available as and when required and if needed. Behavioural, medical and food costs are all covered by the Charity.

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