Giving up an Animal

We have huge demands on us to take in animals, especially at certain times of the year.

We also work extensively with feral colonies, animal hoarding cases, and work with Environmental Health, Housing, and Social Work agencies; dealing with very demanding cases, and groups of animals in poor condition.

To ensure we can help as many animals as possible, and also to ensure we do not dangerously overcrowd our kennels and cattery and stables, we manage all intakes through a waiting list and it is not possible to bring an animal into the Charity without this having been pre-arranged. This also ensures fairness to all owners. You can log the animal onto our intake list in 2 ways. Either call our reception during opening hours (11am to 4pm Wednesday to Sunday) at which time the reception extension is normally staffed, or you can leave details through one of the web-forms.

Once you have logged details, we will contact you at the point the animal can come in. We can’t always return every call, and we will make around four attempts to contact you, so please ensure you leave at least 2 working telephone numbers. We may also discuss our Home 2 Home service where the animal remains in your care while we seek a new home, avoiding the stress of coming into a kennel or cattery. We may also ask you to get a first vaccination carried out on an animal 5 days or more prior to entry, at certain times, to protect incoming animals from the risk of disease.

Please do understand that working in this way enables us to help many more animals. It might seem frustrating at times, but delays can often be a consequence of the many serious cases we are asked to help with (often hidden from view and which other organisations are unable to deal with). Do rest assured we are accepting and helping many more animals than previously, and often our staff will be working in the background to line up potential new owners to come and meet your pet even before he or she arrives with us.

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