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    Find a New Best Friend

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Adopting an Animal

It’s important that everyone in the family consider what kind of animal would best suit them and their unique circumstances.

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Adopting a Cat

Following Government announcements, our site at Oak Tree Farm is now open again!

  • We are able to rehome cats and to Scotland again! 
  • We can do viewings in the cattery with up to 5 people (including staff member). Masks to be worn when in cattery and sanitize hands on entry.
  • As we can now do viewings in the cattery we won't be doing foster to adopt as standard, but may offer this option for difficult cats or those that are in foster homes.
  • An initial interview would be held by telephone to assess compatibility. You may then be asked to supply photos of your property or participate in a video call in lieu of a home check. We can also offer virtual viewings so you can see how the animal interacts with staff.
  • If compatible, you can now come and collect your cat.
  • You can buy all the equipment you need from our on site shop and second-hand pet equipment barn.
  • We will prioritise local rehoming.

Adopting a Dog

  • We are also able to rehome dogs to Scotland again! 
  • We are able to do viewings on site with up to 5 people (6 including the staff member).
  • All viewings are done in a covid-safe manner.
  • We are accepting photos and videos in lieu of physical home visits but where there are animals/children in the home we may come out to do a physical visit in your garden
  • We are still prioritizing local rehoming but will consider homes from further afield.

What are the adoption fees?

Our standard donation is £210 for a dog, and £110 for a cat. We may alter the fees if an animal is very old or has a condition which is likely to cost money in the first few months after rehoming. 

Our rehoming packs are provided by Burns Pet Nutrition, who also support our rescue centre with yummy food throughout the year! 

Please keep an eye on our social media to keep up to date with our work and how you can help during this period. A huge thank you to all our supporters who will allow us to keep helping animals and their owners during this time, your generosity is invaluable to us. Whatever your situation, please get in touch and explain your needs and we will do all we can to support you. 

If you are currently self-isolating and your pet requires veterinary care, please telephone your veterinary practice for the latest advice. It may be that they suggest that a friend or family member brings your pet to the practice. According to the World Health Organisation, there is currently no evidence that companion animals can be infected with COVID-19, however regular hand washing is advisable, as always, when in contact with your pet. 

Pet Remedy

We have recently become one of Pet Remedy's rescue partners. Each cat or dog rehomed will receive a Pet Remedy homepack which will help them settle into their new environments. If you would like further details about this product, please refer to a member of our Small Animal Team or Reception Team who will be very happy to talk to you. 

Frequency Asked Questions

What do we need to do to adopt an animal?

The fastest way to arrange to adopt an animal is to look at our website for available animals and see if there is one which you feel matches your home and lifestyle. When you see an animal you’d like to learn more about, please contact the Small Animal Team who will ask you to complete a questionnaire. Some of our animals have complex needs or specific environmental and/or training requirements - Please ensure you read all profiles carefully. Our current opening hours are 10.00am - 4.00pm daily.  Please call Reception Team on 01228 560082 during those times.

What will the animal have had done?

All animals are de-flead, wormed, chipped, neutered (where appropriate), vaccinated and checked by a vet during their time with us. If the animal has only been in for a short while, we may allow the animal to leave before some of these actions have been completed, but we will arrange for them to be carried out later on, later on, either at our site or at one of our partnered vets.

Unlike animals obtained from many pet shops or free adverts, the worm and flea products used are vet-supplied and animals are supervised by visiting vets during their stay. Any dog who needs assessment will also have been seen by a behaviourist.

What are the adoption fees?

Our standard donation is £210 for a dog, and £110 for a cat. We may alter the fees if an animal is very old or has a condition which is likely to cost money in the first few months after rehoming. You can pay by cash, credit card, or for the time being, cheque.

What if there isn't an animal matching my requirements?

Please continue to monitor the website as new animals arrive all of the time. Press the ‘SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES’ button on the rehoming pages to receive emails when a new animal is added. If you have gone through the consultation/questionnaire process but did not successfully adopt, again please watch the website. The good news is, that if you do see another potential pet, we will already have your full details and can move through the process more quickly.

Are all the animals on your website or in care, at your premises?

Not all animals who are available for adoption will be on site - we also have animals who are out with fosterers, or who are involved in cases being dealt with by our Community Team. Equally, some animals on site may be under assessment and not ready for adoption yet.

Will I need a home visit?

We may carry out a home visit if the home or animal’s circumstances are such that there are unusual requirements. We sometimes bring prospective dogs to the home visit with us as well. The home visit may be before or after choosing a specific animal - it will depend on individual circumstances.

What if I live a long distance away?

Please talk to us in advance, as if we are aware of transport issues, we can try and shortcut the process, or help by delivering an animal.

Can I take an animal home on the same day?

In almost all cases, no, however it may be possible to reserve a new friend on the same day. We can reserve an animal for a few days or sometimes longer until you are ready for it to come home.

Is there something wrong with the animal for it to have ended up in a shelter?

Far from it - most animals are here because their former owner’s circumstances changed unexpectedly, or the former owner failed to provide for the animal’s training or behavioural needs, or because someone somewhere didn't get their pet neutered. We also take in a lot of animals which had originally been bought on impulse from pet shops, off the internet, from farms, or from free adverts. None of these things are the animals’ fault. Please do remember that dogs and cats have normal behaviours which they need to express - that means toileting, making a noise, scratching, chewing, and climbing among others. We can work with you to ensure you know how to fit these behaviours into your lifestyle, and we always undertake to accept an animal back into our care if things don’t work out. 

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