Adopting an Animal

It’s important that everyone in the family consider what kind of animal would best suit them and their unique circumstances.

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UPDATE 24.03.2020 Following the recent directive from the UK Government regarding social distancing and the cessation of non-essential journeys, we are no longer able to conduct rehoming appointments or non-emergency intakes. We will reassess the situation in 3 weeks following the UK Government’s proposed review. Our team will still be on hand for advice where needed. In the meantime please continue to monitor our website for updates.

What We Guarantee You

Every animal that comes in to us has had two veterinary checks during its stay and will have been behaviourally assessed before they are eligible for rehoming. They are also vaccinated, microchipped, had flea and worm control, and neutered (and passported in the case of equines).


  • The charity ask that you book a short appointment with us and at your first meeting we will discuss what type of pet you wish to adopt and your lifestyle and also ask you to complete a short Rehoming Form. (If you are a tenant you will need to provide evidence from your landlord that you are allow a pet).
  • If we have an animal that would fit into your family we will introduce them to you. In the case of dogs and equines we will arrange a home visit. If taking a cat/dog/equine to a household with one or more existing animals we will also support you with introductions.
  • If we do not have an immediate match we will keep your details on record, as we have new animals needing homes coming in on a regular basis.
  • Once a match is made an appointment will be made for you to collect your new pet.
  • The charity ask you for a rehoming fee, this helps aid and care for other animals in our care. The fee is currently £110 for a dog and £60 for a cat or kitten, to reflect an average of over £800 we spend on caring for, veterinary treating and rehabilitating a dog or cat. For equines the fee will vary according to breed, age and other needs. We hope you will agree that the fee represents huge value for money compared to external sources.

Our Animal Care and Adoption Process

Please find out a bit more about our animal care and adoption processes from the following downloads:

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