Tackling Feral Cats - Thank you!

I cannot tell you how incredibly helpful Oak Tree has been and what their wonderful and efficient work means to us.

For years our feral cat problem on the farm was out of control. With cats breeding all over the place I think at one time there were over 30.

I didn’t even know there were such schemes like this and was even more amazed that it was free.

I love the cats and was keen on keeping them around the farm but without a way of controlling them this was looking more and more impossible.

Thankfully, we got in touch with Oak Tree and I was amazed at how dedicated Becky was to the task. She brought the practice cages to me at work, so there was very little effort on my part. She managed to catch all seven cats and kittens that needed neutering in just two days – I have no idea how she did it!

We are eternally thankful to her. It’s made such a big difference.

Freya, Penrith

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