Celebrating Bird Box Week!

To celebrate National Nest Box Week (14th-21st February), why not make your garden wild bird friendly? Here are some top tips, plus some instructions for making your own bird box!

How to make your garden Nest Friendly:

Offer a wide variety of food                                                   

Use different feeders and nest boxes for different birds         

Aim for plants and seeds, flowers or berries                            

Be wildlife friendly by encouraging different habitats in your garden:

- Grass, particularly sections where the grass is left long           

- Flowering plants                                                                    

- Trees and hedges                                                                  

- Ponds and water features                                                       

 - A habitat pile (a pile of branches, twigs and other garden waste)


Get your nest box up by early March and you might have nesting birds in your own garden!

Celebrating Bird Box Week!

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