Dog Theft

Keeping our furry friends out of harms way is never easy, and only gets tougher with the rise in concern over dog thefts.

Often puppies and pure breeds are targeted by thieves as they can be easily sold, however every dog is regarded as having value whether through resale, ransom, breeding or as a bait dog.

Things you can do to prevent dog theft:

  • Never leave your dog unsupervised outside, even if it is in your garden or car.
  • Keep your dog within eyesight when out and about.
  • Microchip your dog and keep the details up to date.
  • Walk your dog as a family or with someone you know - children walking dogs alone can be vulnerable.
  • If buying or rehoming a dog, always research the breeder/rescue and visit the puppy's home and parents before buying. That way you can make sure you are not adding to the trade of stolen dogs.

What to do if your dog is stolen?

  • Call 999 if you have seen your dog being taken.
  • Call 101 if you suspect your dog has been stolen or to report suspicious activity.
  • Call your dog's microchip database.
  • Contact the local dog warden.
  • Contact your local veterinary centres and clinics.
  • Raise awareness through social media.

For lost/missing dogs, please click here.

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Dog Theft

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