Equine: Hi-vis

Why should you wear hi-viz?

Hi-viz should be worn when riding/leading horses on the road so you can be easily seen by oncoming traffic which reduces the chance of an accident happening.

What are the best colours to wear?

As the seasons change you should consider what colour would stand out best for you and your horse.

If riding past a field of yellow plants, yellow hi-viz would blend in, just like how orange hi-viz is not easily seen in the autumn months.

Wearing a mixture of different colours such as pink and yellow can make both the horse and rider look unusual and stand out during all seasons.

What types of hi-viz are available?

There are many types of hi-viz including:

  • Jackets and vests with SLOW DOWN printed on them
  • Hat silks and hat bands
  • Exercise sheets
  • Boots
  • Rein and bridle attachments
  • Ribbons to go in/around the tail
  • Breast plates
  • LED lights

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Equine: Hi-vis

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