Get Fit With Your Dog

Getting fit can be a challenge, particularly with the wintry weather, but taking the opportunity to train with your dog can be a really great motivator and fabulous for your dog too!

Why your dog will benefit:

· Spending time with your dog, overcoming challenges will really boost your relationship.

· A fit dog is less likely to suffer from injuries caused by every day life.

· Getting fit and taking part in different forms of exercise can be mentally and physically enriching for your dog.

· Sometimes it’s just not fun for your dog to go on a ‘normal’ walk e.g. on fireworks night, stormy weather etc. Finding a range of different exercise options can really help make exercise fun


Before starting with any fitness programme always consult your vet to check for any underlying medical problems that could affect your dog’s exercise programme. Always remember your dog’s breed type and stamina levels when designing your exercise regime.


Exercise ideas

· Why not try taking part in a canine sport such as Cani-Cross, Flyball or Agility. These are not only great for fitness but also can be really good social activities for the owner with great communities to get involved with.

· Improve not only your dog’s flexibility and core strength but also your relationship by getting involved with dog dancing and heelwork.

· Have a go at some coordination and balance exercises with your dogs. Ideal for building core strength and proprioception in your dog.

· Enhance your walk by increasing your  speed or distance building up the intensity gradually. Even go for a run! This will help boost your dog’s cardiovascular fitness. Always remember Hi Viz equipment for you and your dog if you are on the road.

Further information: For further information about fitness activities for your dog, please contact our Community team who will be happy to advise you further. 

Get Fit With Your Dog

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