Animals and Mental Health

How can being around animals effect your Mental well-being

At Oak Tree, we recognise that people get pets for many different reasons. Companionship and exercise out and about can be positive reasons for getting a cat or a dog.

When it comes to mental health, research shows that our pets can have a positive effect on our mood and emotions. For people with depression or anxiety, having a pet companion can dramatically change their lives. Just stroking, sitting with or playing with their pet can calm a panic attack, or ease upset. Having a dog can encourage a person to get out in the fresh air and perhaps meet new people, something which might otherwise seem like a daunting task.

Pets can also help to calm young people and those with ADHD helping them focus. Pets are great listeners, offering non-judgemental companionship which can often aid self-confidence.

At Oak Tree we advise anyone thinking about getting a pet to support their mental wellbeing, to thoroughly research the type of animal they are looking to give a loving forever home to. Talking to your local animal charity or veterinary practice will help you make the right pet choices for you and your family.

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