Pet Safe Cleaning

If you are concerned about your pet eating or drinking a toxic cleaning product, you can follow these simple steps to keep your pet safe:

1)      Remember to lock all cleaning products away in a pet-safe cupboard ensuring your pets cannot access them.

2)      Try to keep your pet out of the room whilst you are cleaning, and for some time afterwards if you have used products that may be harmful to your pet.

3)      You could use pet safe and environmentally friendly solutions such as the below instead of commercial cleaning products. They are more pet friendly and could be cheaper too:

·         baking soda

·         vinegar

·         lemon juice

·         washing soda

4)      The main products of concern are:

·         Bleach

·         Laundry / dishwasher capsules or liquids

·         Oven cleaner

·         Glass/carpet/floor cleaners

·         Drain unblockers

·         All purpose/bathroom cleaners


If you think your pet may have consumed any of the above products, contact your vet immediately.

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Pet Safe Cleaning

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