Pet Stressors

No owner wants their pet to feel stressed or uncomfortable, so it is important that we can identify what is causing the stress and help them find ways to cope.

The most common stressors are:

  • Noise Anxiety (thunder, fireworks, etc.)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Travel anxiety
  • Over excitability
  • Crate training
  • Reactivity

Managing your pet's stress:

  • Adaptil (for dogs) and Feliway (for cats) are both pheromone dispensers, which release appeasing pheromones allowing your pet to feel more secure in their home environment. Feeling more secure helps dogs/cats manage their stress levels, aiding them to settle.
  • A Thunder Shirt is a coat that applies gentle and constant pressure to your pet, much like a hug! This constant pressure around your pet can help them feel calmer when tackling stressors they may experience in their day to day life.
  • Lickimats offer the chance to make feeding more interesting for your pet. Alongside creating mental stimulation, the act of licking can help calm a pet before/during a stressful situation such as fireworks or separation anxiety.

All of the items listed above can be purchased at the Oak Tree shop in Wetheral. For further advice, please call 01228 560082 ext. 228 or email

Pet Stressors

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