Reporting animal cruelty and emergencies

While we are a very active charity we do not have the resources to act as a law-enforcement agency. As such we cannot assist with cases involving cruelty or neglect, engage in trapped/injured animal rescues or aid with injured wildlife.

Please contact one of the following agencies – do bear with them, like us they can be very busy at times and Cumbria is a large county with long distances being travelled by their staff.

For animal emergencies, trapped animals and cruelty or neglect cases, please contact...

  • RSPCA - 0300 1234999 (all species)
  • Scottish SPCA - 03000 999 999 (north of the border)
  • World Horse Welfare 08000 480180 (horses only)
  • Cumbria Trading Standards - 01539 713594 (welfare concerns about farm animals)
  • In a dire emergency (for example a dog trapped in a hot car) call the police using 999.

Please remember to give as much information as possible – phone numbers, address, postcode, details of the animals, photographs (if you can get them safely). Tell the operator whether or not you wish the officer to call you back with an update or not. All the above agencies are well used to dealing with issues discretely and in confidence. Though some numbers are available 24 hours, there is a reduced call handling and call-out service out of hours so phone during weekday office hours wherever possible unless it is a dire emergency.

For injured wildlife, please contact...

  • Knoxwood Wildlife Trust - 016973 43812
  • South of Scotland Wildlife Hospital - 01387 860461
  • RSPCA - 0300 1234999
  • Scottish SPCA - 03000 999 999

In all cases please phone first (or visit their website) for advice before setting off on a journey or removing the animal from its environment. The animal may be best not being moved or disturbed (especially in the case of baby animals or very minor injuries). It may also be difficult or dangerous to handle.

You can also contact your nearest vet for help and advice.

Reporting animal cruelty and emergencies

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