Spotlight on French Bulldogs (Frenchie)  

The popular French Bulldog is a small dog with a big personality! They have an affectionate, laid-back, and gentle nature but are also fun and playful.
French Bulldogs are generally easy to train, and with socialising, they tend to get on well with other dogs and children. If introduced properly, they can also be tolerant of living with other pets.

Sadly, the French Bulldog does suffer from a range of health problems which can lead to expensive vet bills for owners and reduced quality of life and life expectancy for the dogs. The most widely known problem associated with the Frenchie is breathing problems. They can also suffer from eye issues, skin infections due to wrinkling around the face and dental problems due to the shortness of their muzzle. Problems such as back pain and luxating patella are also often found in the breed.

The range of health issues suffered by this breed makes buying from a reputable breeder a must. Choose a breeder who cares about the health of the dogs they breed and who follows the relevant health screening schemes. Looking for breeders who are breeding dogs with longer noses and wider nostrils or choosing a French Bulldog cross can also help minimise the health risks.

French Bulldogs love exercise but can be couch potatoes, so chilling out on the sofa is a favourite pastime! They are curious and intelligent dogs who love to learn, and problem-solve. Puzzle games and interactive toys will keep them busy and lots of reward-based, fun training with their owners.

French Bulldogs can suffer from separation anxiety, being such sociable dogs, they become deeply attached to their owners. Time spent training and building up confidence in being left alone as puppies is essential for them to be comfortable being left as they get older.

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Spotlight on French Bulldogs (Frenchie)

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