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Share your Happy Endings! We love to hear about how pets adopted from Oak Tree have settled in their forever homes. Whether they were adopted recently, or a long time ago, we'd really like to hear from you and them!

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RalphOwned by Liz & David Blackadder

We got Ralph at the end of June 2018 after loosing our 17½ year old patterdale terrier. The change in energy and exercise levels for us has been welcomed, it was really nice to have a dog back in the house after a gap of three months. He likes a good run around in the park, meeting his other doggy friends if they can keep up and also chasing his tennis ball. He also likes woodland walks and is fascinated by grey squirrels. We didn't expect whippets to like swimming, but Ralph seems to have other thoughts. He will be getting his own passport this year so that he can join us in our motorhome trips to France and Spain.


MinnieOwned by Rona and John McGowan

We re-homed Minnie just before Christmas and she has become one of the family already. She has settled really well, she loves long walks, playing with her toys (her favourite is still her pink ball she left Oaktree with) and lots and lots of sloppy kisses and cuddles. She walks well on her lead and really responds when doing well but she still is working on her manners with other doggies but likes to say hello. She really is a big part of our family now and we couldn't imagine not having her.


RockyOwned by Wendy Mynett

Rocky has settled very well with is new pal Herbie ex racehorse. With humans Rocky was very timid, but now with lots of carrots and attention he is the first to greet us when we arrive at his home, at the gallop with Herbie in hot pursuit. He now waits for to be fussed, instead of showing signs of nervousness and backing off. He is quite happy to stand unaided by halters or lead ropes for changing of rugs and grooming. Stabling is a bit of a problem at the moment but working on it. Otherwise he has the freedom to come and go when he pleases. Herbie does too!! Haylage and molassed licks in stables to entice him in. He is starting to go in, HURRAY!!! think its the "licks" he is after. His daily feeds are fed outside the stables, alongside Herbie, under the overhang.

Elsa (GSD)

Elsa (GSD) Owned by Lauren

Hi we got Elsa (GSD) just over 7 weeks ago from oak tree. She has come on in leaps & bounds. She loves nothing more than going out with her doggie friend every day exploring and swimming even when it's raining. One of her favourite things to do is chase bubbles you'd think she was part kangaroo. We couldn't of picked a better dog than her. He well and truly has got her paws firmly under the table in our house.


ObiOwned by Rachele & Rees

Obi has been with us nearly 1 year. He has changed our lives. He is the most loving elderly gent who is full of energy and character. He loves long muddy walks and snuggles on the sofa. We can't thank Oak Tree any more for such an amazing experience.


SassyOwned by Cathy Johnston

We adopted Sassy 27.11.09, the best day ever, we were going to get a puppy from refuge but sadly he died week before we got him, Sassy was already there needing a home , we were there, right time right place. She is an absolute diva but we love her to bits.


RolyOwned by John Gorrill

Roly has been with me for nearly two years. When I first met him in the rehoming room, he instantly licked my face and chewed my hand. He still does this, especially when he wakes up. In fact he loves to meet people and most people make a fuss of him. He doesn't bark and he hasn't caused any damage. Passers-by have called him 'adorable' and 'gorgeous'. He is half black labrador and half lurcher. I think the lurcher parent must have been brown, because Roly has developed a gingery streak in his black coat which is spreading from his back legs. I don't mind because I chose him for his friendly temperament. He is a natural guard dog: he growls when anybody passes close to my house although I haven't trained him to do that. Our favourite walks are on the Solway coast, the footpaths around Caldbeck and the northern fells. He has a surprising taste for rice pudding and for fish - scraps of sardines and kippers for example. I couldn't have chosen a better dog.


Kiera Owned by Paul Tweddle

We've had Kiera now for 18 months. At first she was suspicious and aloof (like most Lurchers), but is now totally chilled and a very loving girl! She enjoys her walks and charging around like a mad thing when the mood takes her, and we are so pleased we adopted her.


MinnieOwned by The Oliver Family

Minnie joined our family 7 months ago. To begin with she was very nervous, especially on walks. We were able to join an obedience class almost straight away, which was a great help for socialising. Now she loves nothing better than playing with a tug toy, chasing a ball or running round the beach or cricket field, preferably with as many other dogs as she can find! She is a lovely little character and we can't imagine life without her.

Hairy Mary

Hairy MaryOwned by Andy Long

Hairy Mary (or HM - Her Majesty) has settled into her new home very quickly, as you can see. She is chatty, inquisitive, and despite the lameness in her right leg, she has been investigating the entire house. She loves playing with her toys and tearing at her scratching post. Highly affectionate, she purrs when she is being fussed over and enjoys having her tummy being rubbed. Happy days for HM!

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