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Share your Happy Endings! We love to hear about how pets adopted from Oak Tree have settled in their forever homes. Whether they were adopted recently, or a long time ago, we'd really like to hear from you and them!


Honey Owned by Hazel Barnes

This is Honey. Was Sadie. She's a lurcher x. I came to the animal refuge 3 years ago looking for a dog I could take home and for me to have a reason to get up in the morning, after I was recovering from an illness. She is adorable and settled in really well. She gets on great with my cat and other dogs she meets.


LenaOwned by Anne Ward

Lena has settled in to her new home very well. She still loves playing on her scratching tower which came with her. She is a little mischievous at times but likes nothing better than curling up on someones knee and having a nap. She also loves playing in carrier bags too. She is a part of the family now and seems very happy here.

Elsa (GSD)

Elsa (GSD) Owned by Lauren

Hi we got Elsa (GSD) just over 7 weeks ago from oak tree. She has come on in leaps & bounds. She loves nothing more than going out with her doggie friend every day exploring and swimming even when it's raining. One of her favourite things to do is chase bubbles you'd think she was part kangaroo. We couldn't of picked a better dog than her. He well and truly has got her paws firmly under the table in our house.

Sally nee Suki

Sally nee SukiOwned by Elaine & Bill Darling

Sally went to live with the Darling's a couple of years ago, having been brought to the refuge as a stray. She's very gentle with a lovely nature and is much loved by all the family, she even gets the bed when the grandchildren come to stay! Sally loves to run and is lucky to have open spaces where she lives, she is always very happy to see Poppy and Rosie her border collie chums. Her favourite past time bedsides running and eating is sleeping in front of the fire.


gem Owned by christopher mason

gem has settled in now has realy come on not as timmid she has made herself at home she is part of our family she goes in and around the house on our bed my sons bed sits on window sill in the living room watches what goes on she doesnt hide behind the couch now has a good appite and if she isnt running round playing with toys she is relaxed sitting on side cubourd watching fish swimming round she is very affectionate and loving will let you know what she wants she quite vocal now she will come to you for cuddles and love she goes and sees dan ok in his room and greets him when comes home from school and slleeps on his bed she is motherly with him we are so pleased we have her she has made herself part of family and at home we love her and glad we could give her a home thanks for letting us have her we are so happy to have her


Milo Owned by Amanda Young

Milo came to us on Friday 13th of December, unlucky for some but not us! He's an absolute nutter, full of beans and loves nothing more than being curled up on your lap getting plenty of attention. He just fits right in and is the perfect addition to our family. He was a little nervous at first but has totally come out of his shell and his personality really shines. We were a little hesitant about getting a rescue but all my issues were solved when we met him. We just love him and are so happy that he chose us! Thank you for all your help you made the whole experience easy and gave us all the support and info that we needed.


DecOwned by Nia and Matthew Sowerby

We've had Dec two and a half years now. When he arrived he'd been at the rescue for 18 months and was very timid around new people. Not any more. He's made loads of new friends both two and four legged. We run a dog boarding business from our house and he does a great job of being the resident dog, sharing his space with all the guests. He'll soon become a big brother as we're expecting a baby in January and has been practising with the children of friends. We couldn't ask for a better companion.


daisyOwned by Susan Ormerod

Daisy has settled in smashing likes her little walks and cuddles


HoneyOwned by Stevie sharp

Honey is fantastic! Last week she celebrated her 3rd birthday and her 2nd year anniversary of living with us. Although she's been with us some time now she is still just as hyper and loves nothing more than walks, cuddles and ham.


Kiera Owned by Paul Tweddle

We've had Kiera now for 18 months. At first she was suspicious and aloof (like most Lurchers), but is now totally chilled and a very loving girl! She enjoys her walks and charging around like a mad thing when the mood takes her, and we are so pleased we adopted her.

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