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Timely Neutering11th October 2017

With 4 young mothers and litters currently at Oak Tree, We would like to reinforce the national message to pet owners, asking them to neuter ...

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Timely Neutering

Animals and Mental Health11th October 2017

How can being around animals effect your Mental well-being

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Animals and Mental Health

Our Top Ten Tips for Summer Safety27th October 2016

Summer is the perfect time to get out and about with your animals - but without your care and attention the warmer weather could spell danger for ...

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Our Top Ten Tips for Summer Safety

Micro Chipping1st October 2016

Should your pet go missing - microchipping allows you and your pet to be reunited if your details are up-to-date on the microchip database. It is ...

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Micro Chipping

Ticks1st March 2016

Ticks are a worry to many pet owners. They can cause discomfort to animals as they feed on their blood, cause abscesses and can transmit diseases ...

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Neutering Information - Cats19th August 2015

We believe neutering your cat is a fundamental part of responsible cat ownership, and one of the most effective ways of protecting your pet from ...

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Neutering Information - Cats

How to give your cat a tablet!8th July 2015

There will usually come a time in your cat's life where you will need to give them a tablet by mouth. Not all tablets are suitable for crushing or ...

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How to give your cat a tablet!

Stray Cats17th June 2015

If you have found a cat which is in a good condition, please don’t commence feeding or care until you have taken some basic steps.

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Stray Cats

Dental Care for your Pet8th April 2015

Why looking after your pets’ teeth is so important?

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Dental Care for your Pet

Senile Dementia in Cats4th March 2015

Domestic cats are now living longer than ever before due to advanced veterinary care and pet nutrition, but with many more cats living well into ...

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Senile Dementia in Cats

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