Could you volunteer to help at Oak Tree Animals' Charity?

7th February 2019

Becoming a volunteer is a great way to help out, not just offering love and care for the animals sheltering with us but all the essential jobs to help keep the Charity operating: helping with admin; helping to run our eBay shop or in our two charity shops – Carlisle and Keswick and at our Centre based in Wetheral Shields, which has a thriving café and shop as well as being a temporary home to the many animals we rescue.

Our volunteers help reduce our running costs and are a valuable resource to offer additional skills and talents to the core team. Core team numbers are managed carefully to maximise on our funds, ensuring that as much of what we raise as possible goes to the direct benefit of the projects we run in the community and support for the animals we help.  

Presently the time our volunteers spend supporting Oak Tree Animals’ Charity is the equivalent to 3 full time members of staff. In a year that’s a lot of time and resource that is invaluable and the more the merrier. We are always reaching out for people to come and help us, in a range of volunteer roles, which are advertised on our website here Volunteering

If you can spare a few hours each week, even just a couple, it will make a big difference and we will welcome you with open arms to our family of volunteers. You can also get to know our core team by having a look on our Meet the Team page of the website       

Could you volunteer to help at Oak Tree Animals' Charity?

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