What does it cost to run an animal charity?

What does it cost to run an animal charity?

28th February 2019

 Fundraising is one aspect of the running costs of any charity, overheads is another. At Oak Tree Animals’ Charity we have many every-day costs that we simply cannot avoid.

There are our buildings and vans, which without them we cannot give shelter, support and a safe-haven to over 1500 animals we help each year. Once animals are safe with us, waiting for their new forever home, there’s the cost of feeding, providing bedding and equipment needed to rehabilitate animals. Heating and lighting are costs we all know from running our own homes, that just never go away and seem to keep rising!

All animals we rescue require veterinary support, even if to simply carry out a general health check, but sadly often animals are in major need of veterinary support to bring abused and neglected pets back to full health.

There’s a lot of time and effort required by a lot of people to fulfil the purpose of Oak Tree Animals’ Charity for the wider benefit of local communities and the animals themselves. To provide a consistent service to the community and ensure we carry out our duty to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need, we need people. Our core team of permanent staff need to eat too, so we have to pay them a wage.

We are so grateful to everyone who helps us achieve our mission, thank you!

What does it cost to run an animal charity?

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