Training is Key

2nd April 2019

In 2017, 40% of our dog intake calls were in someway related to behaviour and training issues. As a proactive charity we try to prevent owner and animal relationships breaking down to the point of relinquishment - after all no-one gets an animal with the aim of giving it up! With this approach we felt we could do something to try to tackle this issue through providing positive, friendly and effective games-based training classes.

Often owners find it hard to train in class situations because they are embarrassed by the dogs, others feel that their dog just doesn't want to listen to them and others feel that the breed-type of their dog means that they can never achieve success. We wanted to show owners how it could be possible. 

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust kindly awarded us a grant to train Gemma, one of our caseworkers to become an accredited trainer and it was due to this that we were able to start our consultancy team. Led by Gemma and supported by 3 volunteer accredited trainers, a veterinary nurse and a qualified behaviour counsellor the team are able to offer a range of support options for dog owners in our community. The team use a games-based approach to reduce owner and dog frustration and gain great results that are transferable to real-life situations. The team are also facilitating external courses onsite at Oak Tree including T-Touch and Canine Body Language Level 2 more info on courses and workshops can be found here. For information about weekly classes or further information please email

The short clip above shows Max, a Jack Russell Terrier, who has worked with his owner so hard to develop his confidence, focus and core strength, culminating in this fabulous attempt at a balance pathway!

Training is Key

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