All rescue animals have problems - fact or myth?

All rescue animals have problems - fact or myth?

4th April 2019

Several times a week our team hear the phrase "all rescue animals have issues don't they?" - we just have to say - no!

Certainly some animals that come into animal charities have behaviour issues, but many are given up when their owners:

  • lose their home
  • move into accommodation that is not pet-friendly
  • go through a relationship breakdown
  • experience a change in their financial situation
  • are no longer able to care for them due to ill health
  • among many other reasons

The majority of these animals are friendly, well-trained and have the potential to make ideal family pets. They just need love and a warm sofa!

At Oak Tree all of our animals are veterinary and behaviourally assessed by qualified experts. Our team work with animals to ensure they are ready to find their new home and work with potential new owners to make sure they are prepared for the animal they hope to take on.

We continue to be there for both animal and adopter for as long as they need us.

So, while some of our animals need a little extra support and are looking for specialist homes, many of them, through no fault of their own, have just fallen on hard times and need a new home to be a part of. Our amazing adopters change lives.

Morag, an ex-resident is an ideal example of this, she is now a fully qualified search and rescue dog for Penrith Mountain Rescue Team - from rescued to rescuer.

So, never write off a rescue animal. They can make loving, wonderful, well-trained pets who will bring much joy to your life. Contact our team who will help you find the right pet for you and your family.


All rescue animals have problems - fact or myth?

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